In a nutshell

I'm aldo , an independent full stack developer from Bucharest. Across my 4+ years of experience I have worked on various projects ranging from e-commerce platforms, real time auction house software, customer journey orchestration and many more. I mostly use Laravel and Vue.js but I consider myself to be language agnostic and able to adapt and find the best solutions to a problem in any tech stack. I'm interested in Laravel, Vuejs, Inertia, Tailwind, Graphic Design, E-commerce and Movies. I am a firm believer of user-centered design and put a great deal of effort into my work to provide seamless and satisfying experiences.

Work experience

Art Games (Mar 2018 - Aug 2019)
  • Worked in a small team which enabled me to learn a lot of things in the areas of coding, design and communication.
  • Learned how to manage a fast-paced, ever-changing outsourcing workflow.
  • Mainly worked with Laravel and Vue.js, sometimes Magento.
Independent Contractor (Aug 2019 - Present day)
  • Switched to contracting to enjoy the freedom of remote work and taking on more clients.


The list of projects is longer but not all can be mentioned due to NDA or due to the projects not being public yet.
Most of my private projects are Laravel/Vue.js and sometimes Magento.

Pfizer - Support Engineer
  • Was part of the team that handled customer journey orchestration.
  • Built various tests, monitoring tools and automations.
  • Used Python, Laravel and Vue. Also used many testing tools the likes of Selenium, New Relic, Cypress, Pupeteer, etc.
  • Gained a lot of experience and business knowledge working with things that are out of my comfort zone and following the best tech standards.
A10 - Developer/Lead Developer
  • Auction house with proxy and live bidding.
  • Worked with and led (for the last 5 months of the project) a team of 2-3 people.
  • Started working on the project from the very beginning to the end. I still do RFCs from time to time and consult the team working on maintaining the project.
  • Gained experience with Laravel, Laravel Nova (also building Resource Tools), Laravel Scout (also building search drivers), Vue.js, Vuex, Websockets and AWS services.
Dependent de Arta - Sole Developer
  • Shop built for artwork that goes unsold during A10's auctions.
  • Design is almost identical to A10 but was rebuilt using Tailwind.css.
  • Used Laravel, Vue, and Inertia.js.
  • Built a package with a PSR-4 implementation of Netopia Mobilpay.
Art Safari - Backend Developer
  • Worked on the backoffice and had to upgrade Laravel 5.2 to 7.0.
  • Worked on the ticket scanning system.
  • Used Laravel.
eVote - Frontend Developer
  • Online voting solution for shareholder meetings.
  • Websockets played a big part in this in order to keep up everyone in sync.
  • KYC using Amazon text and face recognitions APIs.
  • Used Vue.
Inoni - Solutions Architect
  • Multitenant e-commerce marketplace solution.
  • Had to make some key decisions in order to meet all our clients' needs since we used Bagisto.
  • Used Laravel and Vue.
Webfusion - Full Stack Developer
  • Built backoffice solutions from the ground up for managing payments with realtime capabilities.
  • Designed and integrated REST APIs.
  • Used Laravel and Vue.
Client Side for Dummies - Personal project
  • A project I built for my classmastes (that have no prior coding experience).
  • JAMstack
  • A rough insight into the way I think.
  • A good source for bad jokes and Baby Yoda images.
Project Mercury - Personal project
  • A game that tests the player's typing speed.
  • Entirely built with Vue.js and designed with Tailwind.css.
  • This was my first experience building a web-based game and encountered many situations I never faced before like trying to get a consistent framerate on a canvas.
  • Also implemented user research into my development process as much as possible with methods like observation testing.
  • I plan to further develop this project as I collected a lot of feedback. Most likely, it will be a rhytm based game by the next update.
Sterling - Personal project
  • A restaurant administration system.
  • I mostly use this as an alternative to Laravel Nova for smaller projects.
  • Meant to be turned into a multi-tenant SaaS app.
  • Built with Laravel, Vue.js and Inertia.js and designed using Tailwind.css.
Northpoll - Personal project
  • A website made for generating and voting on polls.
  • Weekend project developed with Laravel as an API and Vue.js for the frontend.
  • Deployed in a DigitalOcean droplet and Netlify.