In a nutshell

I'm aldo , an independent full stack developer from Bucharest. Across my 5+ years of experience I have worked on various projects ranging from e-commerce platforms, real time auction house software, customer journey orchestration and many more. I mostly use Laravel and Vue.js but I consider myself to be language agnostic and able to adapt and find the best solutions to a problem in any tech stack. I'm interested in Laravel, Vuejs, Inertia, Tailwind, Graphic Design, E-commerce and Movies. I am a firm believer of user-centered design and put a great deal of effort into my work to provide seamless and satisfying experiences.

Work experience

Art Games (Mar 2018 - Aug 2019)
  • Worked in a small team which enabled me to learn a lot of things in the areas of coding, design and communication.
  • Learned how to manage a fast-paced, ever-changing outsourcing workflow.
  • Mainly worked with Laravel and Vue.js, sometimes Magento.
Independent Contractor (Aug 2019 - Present day)
  • Switched to contracting to enjoy the freedom of remote work and taking on more clients.


Pfizer - Support Engineer
  • Was part of the team that handled customer journey orchestration.
  • Built various tests, monitoring tools and automations.
  • Used Python, Laravel and Vue. Also used many testing tools the likes of Selenium, New Relic, Cypress, Pupeteer, etc.
  • Gained a lot of experience and business knowledge working with things that are out of my comfort zone and following the best tech standards.
Tendex - Full Stack Developer
  • Marketing platform for lead generation and running multi-channel campaign flows.
  • Heavily involved in architecture planning and decisioning.
  • Worked on the core campaign flow functionality.
  • Did various performance optimizations the backend side with query optimization and memory usage.
  • Switched bundler from webpack to vite and halved overall bundle size.
  • Implemented redis queue system to improve performance.
  • Mainly used Laravel and Vue.
A10 - Developer/Lead Developer
  • Auction house with proxy and live bidding.
  • Worked with and led (for the last 5 months of the project) a team of 2-3 people.
  • Started working on the project from the very beginning to the end. I still do RFCs from time to time and consult the team working on maintaining the project.
  • Gained experience with Laravel, Laravel Nova (also building Resource Tools), Laravel Scout (also building search drivers), Vue.js, Vuex, Websockets and AWS services.
Dependent de Arta - Sole Developer
  • Shop built for artwork that goes unsold during A10's auctions.
  • Design is almost identical to A10 but was rebuilt using Tailwind.css.
  • Used Laravel, Vue, and Inertia.js.
  • Built a package with a PSR-4 implementation of Netopia Mobilpay.
Art Safari - Backend Developer
  • Worked on the backoffice and had to upgrade Laravel 5.2 to 7.0.
  • Worked on the ticket scanning system.
  • Used Laravel.
eVote - Frontend Developer
  • Online voting solution for shareholder meetings.
  • Websockets played a big part in this in order to keep up everyone in sync.
  • KYC using Amazon text and face recognitions APIs.
  • Used Vue.
Inoni - Solutions Architect
  • Multitenant e-commerce marketplace solution.
  • Had to make some key decisions in order to meet all our clients' needs since we used Bagisto.
  • Used Laravel and Vue.
Webfusion - Full Stack Developer
  • Built backoffice solutions from the ground up for managing payments with realtime capabilities.
  • Designed and integrated REST APIs.
  • Used Laravel and Vue.
Client Side for Dummies - Personal project
  • A project I built for my classmastes (that have no prior coding experience).
  • JAMstack
  • A rough insight into the way I think.
  • A good source for bad jokes and Baby Yoda images.
Project Mercury - Personal project
  • A game that tests the player's typing speed.
  • Entirely built with Vue.js and designed with Tailwind.css.
  • This was my first experience building a web-based game and encountered many situations I never faced before like trying to get a consistent framerate on a canvas.
  • Also implemented user research into my development process as much as possible with methods like observation testing.
  • I plan to further develop this project as I collected a lot of feedback. Most likely, it will be a rhytm based game by the next update.
Sterling - Personal project
  • A restaurant administration system.
  • I mostly use this as an alternative to Laravel Nova for smaller projects.
  • Meant to be turned into a multi-tenant SaaS app.
  • Built with Laravel, Vue.js and Inertia.js and designed using Tailwind.css.
Northpoll - Personal project
  • A website made for generating and voting on polls.
  • Weekend project developed with Laravel as an API and Vue.js for the frontend.
  • Deployed in a DigitalOcean droplet and Netlify.